About Dr. Amy Moustgaard

Dr. Amy MoustgaardDr. Moustgaard provides comprehensive Neuropsychological Evaluations and Psychoeducational Assessment with Adults. An individual may be referred (by self, physician, or third-party) for assessment and diagnoses of a range of cognitive complaints (e.g., difficulties with attention, memory, planning, organization, driving, language, etc.) and/or general change in independent function. Assessment of intellectual, emotional and personality function is also available.

Anxiety Disorders:including panic disorder, agoraphobia, simple phobias, post traumatic stress disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, shyness, social phobia, performance anxiety;

Stress and Related Difficulties: including workplace stress, somatic problems, headache, workplace behavioural issues;

Depression and Related Mood Disorders

Brain Injury: mild to severe traumatic brain injury, post concussive syndrome, stroke, infection, early dementia, Huntington’s Chorea, Parkinson’s Disease, other neurodegenerative diseases

Memory Impairment

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Physical injury: coping with loss, change in function and/or the recovery process.


Dr. Moustgaard provides comprehensive Neuropsychological Evaluations. An individual may be referred for assessment by a third party (e.g. physician, insure, legal representative), or self-referred. Assessment and diagnoses are provided for a range of cognitive complaints such as difficulties with attention, learning and memory, planning, organization, driving, language, etc., and/or a general change in independent function. Assessment of intellectual, emotional and personality functioning is also provided.


Dr. Amy Moustgaard is a registered psychologist with areas of practice including Clinical Neuropsychology, Rehabilitation psychology and Clinical psychology in the adult population. She provides a nurturing and empathic client-centered approach toward helping individuals cope with the challenges with which they are faced. Her internship training at St. Joseph's Hospital's Acquired Brain Injury Unit and Neurology Rehabilitation Program (Thunder Bay ON) and later residency training in the Neuropsychology Services for the Neurosurgical and Muscoloskeletal Programs at the Trillium Hospital (Missisauga ON) have given her a breadth and depth of experience in the areas of brain injury, neurological disorders, early dementia, neurorehabilitation, and across the spectrum of anxiety and mood-related disorders. Dr. Moustgaard has been in autonomous private practice since 2004 working with individuals involved in incidents that have resulted in brain injury and/or physical and psychological trauma. Within this context, expert witness testimony, assessment, diagnosis and treatment of clients is provided. Dr. Moustgaard has been Associate Clinical Professor with the University of Ottawa and has been involved in research (with granted funding) and publication the areas of stroke, acquired brain injury, and anxiety. Dr. Moustgaard served for several years on the Executive Committee for the Neuropsychology Section of the Canadian Psychological Association. She holds membership with the Ottawa Academy of Psychologists, the Canadian Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology, and the Canadian Psychological Association.

Dr. Moustgaard is a registered provider with Canadian Forces, Veterans Affairs Canada, RCMP, WSIB, and is licensed with the Financial Services Commission of Ontario.

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