Psychoeducational Assessment

A psychoeducational assessment evaluates a person's psychological characteristics that are important in the learning process. A psychoeducational assessment evaluates the level of development of a person's cognitive (thinking) abilities, academic skills, and the emotional and behavioural characteristics that may have an impact on learning. Detailed recommendations to assist the learning process are usually provided. Dr. Moustgaard works with Adults (18 years and older) who are finding they are having difficulty in their academic or work-related environment.

What is the process?

In all psychoeducational assessments conducted by Dr. Moustgaard, standardized testing is used to achieve assessment goals, and detailed recommendations are provided. Assessments of Adults for the purpose of identifying learning related problems usually requires 5-6 hours of formal clinical interview and psychological testing. Once an assessment is complete, a detailed report is prepared that includes specific recommendations and suggestions. Consultation with employers and any involved health care professionals is provided as requested.

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